Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I feel good...

I cleaned today after my daughters dance class and let me just tell you. My downstairs has never been so clean. I cleaned blinds, baseboards, bathrooms, floors, and I even steam cleaned the carpets! I swear I'm not prego ( it isn't possible!:)) but boy, I feel good! Okay, just had to tell everyone. hey, did anyone go to the poppy fields off of Clinton Kieth yet? Alright nighty,night I must get sleep because tomorrow is the upstairs cleaning day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ok, so I have been a little busy...

I know I have not put up a post since all the excitement of getting the blog so I will try now to post more often. That's my story and I'm stickin to it! So, so much has happen since that first day of my blog. I have been crazy busy with the girls and family things with Easter. We visited this awesome field of poppies by my house and I only took like 300 pics! Then of coarse there was Easter and we also went hiking in Borrego Springs this weekend. That is a story all in its self. Let's just say that 4 little girls, an out of shape mama, a daddy who loves to hike, only 4 bottles of h2o, NO PACIFIER for Emma, NO FOOD, a camera, and a hike that is only suppose to take maybe an hour that turned into 4 hours and trail blazing, that it was an adventure that I will never forget but then again maybe I want to! But guess what? I got AWESOME pics!!!

Ok, now to even better news... I have a class tonite on this acyrlic book. Love it! I also finished my first project that is not for a class but myself. That's a crazy thought but it's the cute crown book using my fave- My Mind's Eye, Dreamy girl collection that is now available at It's About Time Scrapbook Store. So after reading this post, hurry up and get in your car and GO! QUICK before it's all gone or I take it all! Just joking, I will leave some for you. Ok, I have one more thing to share... Last night when I got back from scrapping, I was surfing some of the blogs I like to read and MY BLOG SPOT was marked as a fave from JESSICA GUTHRIE, the fabulous owner of where I get my acrylic for my classes and fun projects. So check it out. That put a smile on my face! Thanks Jessica. So, that's all for now. Look to the right for slides on all the pics of my crazy Borrego Springs trip, my girls in the poppies and my new projects!

Have a happy day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy cow...

I just need to share something that happened to me last week. I had sent some photos to Rusty Pickle of acrylic books that I had did for classes using Rusty Pickle paper. I received an email that they were gorgeous and eye candy and they are going to put them on the blog and put me on the RAK (random acts of kindness- for those of you who do not know, because I did not know what this was until I asked Mel- DUH!!!!:)),for the month. So keep checking and go to the blog. Yeah for me!!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Bloom" layout class- March 19th...

This is the class I am teaching at It's About Time Scrapbooks and More in Murrieta this Wednesday, March 19th at 6:30pm.


Finally, I have started a blog to display my work, classes, pics and whatever else I feel you all need to know! I certainally know I'm not the first but at least I'm not the last!!! Ok that's all for know. I need to fine tune this baby, it will be a work in progress so be patient my friends. Thanks!

Happy day!