Sunday, November 23, 2008

Check out what I made...

Ok seriously this album was inspired by the super cute pj's I bought my daughter and knew I had to scrap it! I used the K&Co line and the cricut to cute out simple designs. I made the rainbows out of circles layered by colors. I just love this album and guess what? It is going on the road with Jessica, so if you are in town with one of the many shows that she does then go check it out.Since my kids are now off track for school for 6 weeks, I will be getting lots done here in the next 2 weeks and shipped of to Mrs. Jessica for the road! So stay tuned for more amazing projects.
Oh, by the way this project is using the tabbed flower book from K2R!
This will be a class in Febuary at Pink Pineapple, no dates yet! I must go now and finish my 6x6 metal xmas book for a class. take care...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I know...I know... it's been a while

Hi everyone,
I know it's been awhile. Life is crazy! So much has happened. I have joined a design team called Kits 2 Remember. This is where I get all of my acrylic from and now metal panels (more on that later). Jessica Guthrie is the owner and is so sweet. I can't believe how much stuff we get! As some of you know... I have cut back on my classes right now. Partly, because the economy is hard right now and scrapbooking is a luxary that we must really pick and choose with. And that's ok... I get it. Also, I have been asked to be the Secretary of my girls swim team... and let me just tell you... who knew how much work all of the voluteers on a non profit club swim team do. It's crazy!!!!!!!!! My husband sometimes get upset with me because he says that I am either scrapping or doing swim team stuff. :( And it's true. But if you know me... what ever I take on, I go full force and nothing stops me. I just want to give a big THANKS to my mom for such a freakin drive to be as crazy as one can be, so... Thanks MOM!:)So, that leads me into what I was saying before... I am teaching one class this month and one class next month (for now :) ). I will be teaching a 12x12 metal panel wall hanging. You know metal is the next hottest thing after acrylic! Look to the left for details. The 12x12 wall hanging is so darn cute and so darn versible. I choose to use lots of pics because I have lots of kids. But you can use 4 pics that are larger then mine. We will stamp with a homemade stamp and use the Cricut for letters. Then we will use magnets on our pics that are mounted on chipboard and then embellish with rub ons. Super cute and super easy. I only have 10 spots left and I know it's half full so go check it out. Coming in December will be a 6x6 metal mini book using Making Memories FaLaLaLa. It's not done yet but keep checking. So go check out the Design Team Krew at K2R with a link to the right for all my designs. So... toodles for now and please remember that even if it is a while beofre I post again, I just want to say thanks to all you gals out there who support me and give me that extra push to keep creating even when life gets crazy!