Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why I love Camping...

We went camping this past weekend at Lake Hemet which is in Iddywild. It's beautiful and we camp right on the lake. It was a little interesting to say the least. We went up on Thursday night to get a good spot on the water and on the way my husbands truck overheated. I swear that was the end for that old thing but it finally cooled down and pulled thru. At 320,000 miles it's a champ. I told my husband he can't have another one until this one dies but I did not mean this weekend!!!! Anyway, so then on Friday I had to drive my kids back to Menifee to do try outs for the talent show ( that's cute but funny!), and then on Friday night I got really sick and we think it was altitude sickness. But that's wierd. Anyway when I finally felt better I got some great pics of the girls and thier soon to be cousins ( well sorta, my friend Amy and I set up her bro and my sister in law and they are getting married in Sept. So in a round about way we are all going to be family). Ok so now for my top 10 reasons why I love camping...
10. I love that my husband and I don't argue anymore about my directional hand movements when he is backing up the trailer
9. I love that I don't have to sleep in a tent and freeze to death
8. I love watching my husband bond with the guys and play games all day long like horse shoes and so on
7. I love that I get to read like 3 or 4 trashy magazines the whole weekend and not have to get up and do laundry
6. I love that my kids play so hard that they go to sleep with no problems
5. I love that we got the baby to sleep on a bed this weekend and we can now get rid of the pack and play
4. I love watching my kids play with thier friends and cousins
3. I love the serinity I feel knowing my family is with me and everyone is so happy
2. I love watching my kids make up imagination games and play for hours and hours outside and never get bored
1. I love camp fire pudgie pies (Reeses's peanut butter cups and marshmellow in a buttered bread sandwich and heated up over the campfire until it melts.OMG!!!!!!!!!!)

So, that's my life this past weekend and I loved every minute of it, well almost!!:) Have a great day and enjoy my slideshow of our weekend.



TrulyEarnest said...

Sounds Heavenly and it is the best bonding with family and friends!

jake said...

Kristie, great blog, I was up all night reading and listening to the music. You have to let me know where the poppy fields are so I can take the dogs and get some great photos. Take care for now.
Camping rules!